Accounting and Tax Services

Specific Accounting and Tax Services offered by the firm

1 Preparation of Financial Statements
2 Preparation and management of payrolls
3 Dealing with tax disputes and settlements
4 Preparation and filling income tax returns including tax computations
5 To represent the client tax audit process
6 To represent the client in tax investigation process
7 To review tax position and reconciliation with TRA position
8 Application and follow up of tax clearance certificates
9 Application and follow up of tax refund
10 To represent client on EFD compliance cases
11 Assisting clients in application for registration, deregistration and transfer of motor vehicle
12 Preparation and filling of other tax returns (VAT, Excise Duty, Capital gains & Withholding taxes)
13 Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation
13 To represent the client in TRA meetings and other stakeholders’ meetings
14 Follow up of licenses and permits to respective authorities
16 Apply and follow up TIN and VAT Registration and Deregistration
17 Apply and follow up TIC Registration
18 Tax awareness to the client and staff of the client – In house training on tax issues
19 Designing and assessing tax planning schemes